The Kilmore Fancy (CD)

Catherine and John McEvoy

Fine traditional music on fiddle and flute.

The tunes are beautiful, some being compositions of John, and the music is played with straightforward artistry. A polished performance from sister and brother, showing a talent for spontaneous, subtle melodic variation and a great depth of tradition in their playing, yet the music is fresh and exciting. With Felix Dolan's sensitive and unobtrusive piano accompaniment. Traditional music at its best, living and thriving and flowing effortlessly and naturally; a masterpiece of duet playing.


1 Dan Breen's/The Flowers of the Red Mill/The Pretty Girls of Mayo (3.02)
2 Darby the Driver/The Spotted Dog (3.19)
3 Within a Mile of Dublin/Patsy Tuohy's (3.03)
4 Paddy Fahy's/Henchey's Delight (3.24)
5 The Collier's Reel/The Bush in Bloom (3.34)
6 The Maid I Ne'er Forgot/The Jug of Punch (2.58)
7 The Kilmore Fancy/Felix in Paris (3.06)
8 Gilbert Clancy's/The Boys of Dublin (3.05)
9 Man of the House/Gan ainm (2.56)
10 Humours of Kilkenny/Hunting the Hare (2.30)
11 The Highest Hill in Sligo/Mama's Pets (2.12)
12 Rambles of Kitty/Ard an Bothair (3.16)
13 The Low Road to Glinn/Ceol na gCeartan (3.22)
14 John McEvoy's No1 and No2/Kevin Henry's (5.25)