Ceolaras Coleman boasts a variety of facilities that include a welcoming reception area, a theatre, an exhibition area, a recording studio, class rooms, and a retail outlet with a wide range of musical instruments, books, CDs, DVDs etc. Available for conferences and exhibitions.


Our 150 seat theatre is equipped with the latest state of the art lighting and 16 channel sound system. This comfortable venue is ideal for concerts, shows and the tiered seating can be hydraulically retracted to facilitate dancing and other events.

Exhibition Area

In this purpose built facility, there are interactive touch screens, listening posts, display boards, and an informative audio-visual presentation. This audio-visual sets the tone for the whole project, showing and illustrating a history of traditional Irish music and musical instruments. In this distinctive exhibition area, you will find areas devoted to the music and musical styles of Sligo, Mayo, Roscommon, Leitrim, Fermanagh and the USA. This is a wide but fascinating spectrum laid out with displays and touch screens. Throughout the exhibition you will learn about the style and structure of Irish music. You will see and learn about the instruments used in traditional Irish music. There is a touch screen dedicated to sean nós singing, where you will hear some of the masters sing the most beautiful unaccompanied songs in English and as Gaeilge. There are touch screens dealing with dancing and dancing instruction. If you are brave enough, it is located in a small area with a floor suitable for trying out your expertise.


Recording Studio

A latest state of the art professional recording studio, equipped with hi-tec equipment is located at the rear of the exhibition room and is available for hire at very competitive rates. Equipment includes;

  • Degidesign 003 Rack

  • Pro Tools LE7.4.2 Software

  • Samson Stereo Headphone Amp

  • Steinhauser HD 280 Headphones

  • Rode K2 Microphone

  • Rode Studio Condenser Mics

  • DPA 4090 Omidirectional Mic

  • GE Stereo Speakers

Music/Gift Shop

  • A vast selection of CDs, DVDs, music books, musical instruments, and local craft items in stock.